Lifestyle Europe Tunbridge Wells Half Marathon

Lifestyle Renault Tunbridge Wells Half Marathon 2011 from chillibang media on Vimeo.

Lifestyle Renault Tunbridge Wells 1/2 Marathon Goes off in Style

The sun shone on the 2500 runners who took part in the Lifestyle Renault Tunbridge Wells Half Marathon on Sunday 27 February. Sent on their way by Dame Kelly Holmes, the competitors ran through some of the most gorgeous Kent countryside, to take on one of the most challenging half marathon courses in the country. Cheered on by residents from the local villages all along the route, Tunbridge Wells and surrounding villages did a great job supporting runners for the entire 13.1mile course.

Ranked the 6th most difficult half marathon in the country, the race was won by Andy Greenleaf of Winchester in an amazing time of 1 hr 9 minutes, and hoping to start her qualification form for the 2012 Olympics, Liz Yelling won the women’s race in 1 hr 13 minutes.

Main sponsor of the race, Lifestyle Renault also had a team running in the event. Twenty six members of staff, friends and family took part as Team Lifestyle, while raising funds for local Tunbridge Wells based charity, the Pickering Cancer Drop-in Centre. Also running the race was the Chairman of Lifestyle Europe, Marc Matthew, and speaking after the event, Marc had a few words:

“This is our first time in sponsoring the race, and I’ve got to say, it was a fantastic day for the whole town. I’d like to congratulate all the winners and also to say a big thank you to Sarah Russell, Tunbridge Wells Harriers, and all the police and marshalls who generously gave up their time to make sure the race was run in the safest possible manner. I must also thank the residents of Tunbridge Wells, both for their vocal support around the course and their understanding for the inevitable disruption that such a big event brings. They did the town proud.”

The staff were running the event in aid of the local charity, the Pickering Centre, which provides vital support for families suffering from Cancer. The team was put together and co-ordinated by Paul Murrells, Sales Director at Lifestyle Europe and has raised in excess of £14,000 for the Pickering Centre. “The level of sponsorship we’ve achieved is absolutely incredible,” said Paul. “It is tribute to the whole Lifestyle family that we have achieved this level of support. Our sponsors mean a lot to all the team and I’m humbled at how they have backed us for the event. The whole team sends love and thanks to them all.”

The listing for the Lifestyle Renault Entrants with their finish times and places are below:

Lifestyle Pos Forename Surname Chip Pos Chip Time
1 Scott Warner 326 01:35:42
2 Declan Kilpatrick 474 01:39:24
3 Michael Haydon 865 01:48:02
4 Marc Matthew 878 01:48:19
5 Marcus Cooper 957 01:50:12
6 Paul Murrells 1163 01:55:03
7 James Maciejewski 1181 01:55:19
8 Matthew Dennis 1352 01:59:39
9 Wayne Backshall 1434 02:02:19
10 John Houston 1562 02:06:43
11 Andy Fitch 1556 02:06:35
12 Peter Walsh 1637 02:09:44
13 Joanna Yardley 1664 02:10:44
14 Jessica Watson 1719 02:12:56
15 Andy Lord 1714 02:12:38
16 Samantha Yardley 1744 02:14:24
17 James Poore 1822 02:20:29
18 Paul Molloy 1895 02:30:05
19 James Walker 1882 02:28:12
20 Ross Ovenden 1918 02:36:26
21 Mark Higgins 1924 02:38:47
22 Samantha Higgins 1925 02:38:47
23 Robert Murray 1933 02:40:35
24 James White 1934 02:40:55
25 Carys Jukes 1952 02:50:19
26 Jacky Yardley 1953 02:51:03
27 Amanda Matthew 1956 02:52:45
28 Sophie Adams 1958 02:56:14
29 Lisa Pirson 1959 02:56:23
30 Melanie Baroni 1966 03:07:38

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